News & gigs 新聞


By Jo Rousell
Photo by Jo Rousell

Feb 8th (solo) 116 Pall Mall China Annual Party (performance for We Remember campaign with The Voice of Peace performance group)

Feb 15th (private event)

Feb 19th (solo) Watersky Bristol  – Chinese New Year (evening event)

Feb 20th Rainbow Casino (9pm+)

April 26th (with live electronic band – details to be announced soon)

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Thank you everyone for helping bring Empress to life by pledging and sharing my  crowd funding campaign

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More music in The Market


Bristol Woman – cover image by Tanya Hazell, photo of magazine by Unearthed

Interview with Base Radio

More press coverage and TV/radio/print interviews with Makala Cheung

Other News / Views / Magazines



Eastern Horizon

Fate Station

Naked Cantonese


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