Red Pocket Records

New album Empress 皇后 out now on Red Pocket Records

Moon 月 (Yellow Rhinestone Records)
Out for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2015  – celebrating the moon, harvest, family and match-making!

CDs available at Cheung Island market
Digital available online – iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and more)

Red Pocket Records exists on Cheung Island. It’s named after the chinese lucky red packets given out to children at Chinese New Year.

The origins of the Red Pocket – the ‘Butterfly’ EP  Chinese New Year 2013 – the EP came in a (sold out) limited edition red packet envelope, with a hand stamped bespoke gold design (Bart Blazejewski), and gold CD inside – representing the coins placed inside for good luck.


Debut DIY album River (sold out), was in Bristol Live Magazine’s ‘albums of the month’ Jan 2014 , was a CD exclusive at The Bristol Shop and had a Chinese New Year red packet special insert in Don’t Panic (working with Unearthed).




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